Designed With Accountants In Mind.

With FuseSign, you can send multiple documents, to multiple recipients, with different actions (view or sign), all in one bundle. Saving you and your clients time, so you can focus on work that matters.

What Makes FuseSign Unique For Accountants?

FuseSign Document Bundles allow each individual document to have specific settings on who needs to sign, view or not view a document within a bundle. This allows for an accountant to include all documents to do with a family group in one bundle, give everyone on the list just one email and one place to go to action what they need to, and streamline the entire process.

FuseSign allows for accounting firms to be able to better utilise the option of this kind of transactional signing method which is simple for the client.

Whitepaper: Electronic Signing
Distribution Options

Find out how FuseSign makes signing easier for accountants
who need to manage family groups!

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature which uses computer technology to create a unique ‘virtual’ fingerprint to identify users and protect information.  (An electronic signature is a more generic term to represent a digitised signature to verify a document.)

What documents does FuseSign Support?

FuseSign supports PDF files.

How do you verify identity if there's no username and passwords?

FuseSign uses two factor verification, using email and SMS to verify recipients and signers. They receive a unique link via email, and then are required to enter a code sent via SMS before they are able to complete the signing process. 

Where is the data stored?

FuseSign uses servers with data centres and all data stored in Australia.

Does FuseSign integrate with other systems?

FuseSign is in early release stages and currently is a stand alone product without integration. Integrations are certainly on the short term road map though! 

How do recipients sign documents with FuseSign?

With FuseSign, you don’t have to spend the time setting up individual signing placements as the user signs the entire document at once. Each document signed with FuseSign is securely monitored and tracked with audit tracking and the digital signature log is appended to the final signed document.