Digital Signing Built
For Accountants

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What Makes FuseSign Unique For Accountants?

FuseSign Document Bundles allow each individual document to have specific settings on who needs to sign, view or not access a document within a bundle. This allows for an accountant to include all documents to do with a family group in one bundle, give everyone on the list just one email and one place to go to action what they need to, and streamline the entire process.

FuseSign allows for accounting firms to be able to better utilize the option of this kind of transactional signing method which is simple for the client as there is no need to remember a username and password and can be done on any device connected to the internet.

Greater Control, Better Workflows

Using FuseSign you can send to as many recipients as you want, with as many documents as you need, with controls over who needs to sign, view or have restricted access to each document.

An Amazing Client Experience

No more multiple email notifications, username and passwords, or needing to go to the post office for your clients! With FuseSign, the recipients receive one link that accesses all relevant documents within a bundle. Plus it’s mobile friendly, so they can sign from anywhere!

Your Clients, Your Branding

With FuseSign, you’re able to customise your client experience by setting logo and primary colours* so that your clients experience a seemless experience with your business.

*Features dependent on subscription level


Perfect for multidisciplinary firms, this feature that allows you to segment your bundles for better organisation, privacy between teams and a more tailored client experience with separate branding.


3rd Party Integrations

FuseSign integrates with other apps that you use. You can find them on our integrations page.


Signature Options

Choose between whole document signing or placing signature placeholders for each signing recipient throughout the documents within a bundle. 


your branding

Include your logos and brand colours on the notification emails as well the signing pages for your clients!*
(*Certain plans only)  


Easy Client Import

Export your data straight from your practice management system and upload it straight to FuseSign for easy client lookup when setting up a bundle.  


Easy to Use

Intuitive layouts guide you through the bundle sending process.


Unlimited documents

No limitations on documents in a bundle. Great for managing those really large family groups with lots of moving parts, all in one place! 


mobile friendly

FuseSign is 100% responsive to any device using the internet - so your clients can sign their documents from anywhere, with no username or password required.  



Setup tags for your bundles so that you can easily sort and filter through your bundles out for signing. There are unlimited tags that can be applied per bundle, so it’s great for businesses who have lots of clients with various teams working on different kinds of documents. 

Smart Rejection Handling

If a document in a bundle is rejected by a recipient, it simply leaves out that document so you can still finalise the remaining documents. Saving you time, money and your clients headaches of needing to sign a correct document more than once.


FuseDocs integration

Smart document collation tool FuseDocs has the ability to send client ready packs directly from within FuseDocs to FuseSign, already set up with recipients selected straight from your practice management database! Find out more about how FuseSign works with FuseDocs here. Find out more about this integration. 


Granular Control

Using FuseSign you can send to as many recipients as you want with controls over who needs to sign or just view each document.

Unlimited recipients

No limitations on recipients in a bundle. Great for managing those really large family groups all in one place!


last signer mode

If you need certain timing with when and who signs documents first, you can use the last signer mode to not send the bundle until all others have completed their actions. Great for internal team members (ie tax agents) who need to sign after the client recipients! 


firm wide customisations

Email templates, security settings, users and many more self serve configuration options are available within the FuseSign settings - making it easy for you to manage what you need to, when you need to. 



Setup templates for different style of document bundles (e.g Annual/SMSF/Activity Statements etc.) so that you can have standardised subject and email body content to streamline your process.

Email reminders

Send branded email reminders to your clients both manually and automatically (dependant on plan). This is setup so only those clients with action items are reminded - making a better experience for the rest of the recipients who have already signed what they need to.


2-factor authentication

With 2 step verification using email and phone number, your clients will be verified without needing remember any usernames or passwords!

australian hosted

All your data is kept in Azure servers hosted in Australian data centres. 


View Only Options

Use FuseSign as a secure way to share documents with view only option available for documents and recipients. 


Practice Wide Licensing

FuseSign is licenced to the entire practice with ability to manage centrally at the practice discretion.

early finalisation

If you have someone in the recipient group who can't complete their actions via FuseSign but you still want to save the signed documents from the rest of the group, you can choose early finalisation to not hold up the process. 


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“Clients have dealt with accountants for decades, traditionally paper sent in the post, signed and then sent back – so for that process to change, it needed it to be seamless for them to adopt, and FuseSign offers this”

Paul Meaton, Partner at Lincolns Beyond Numb3rs