Digital Signing,
Done Simply.

With FuseSign, you can send multiple documents, to multiple recipients, with different actions (view or sign), all in one bundle. Saving you and your clients time, so you can focus on work that matters.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use

Intuitive layouts guide you through the bundle sending process.



completely paperless

Using FuseSign helps reduce your own and your clients businesses use of paper, envelopes and ink – the environment will thank you! 



Greater Control

Using FuseSign you can send to as many recipients as you want with controls over who needs to sign or just view each document.


Using FuseSign your clients can sign off on documents on the go – whether it be desktop, tablet or mobile – wherever they have access to internet, they are able to access FuseSign!

completely secure

With 2 step verification using email and phone number, your clients will be verified without needing remember any usernames or passwords! Plus all your data is kept in Azure servers hosted in Australian data centres.

Practice Wide Licensing

FuseSign is licenced to the entire practice with ability to manage centrally at the practice discretion.

Guide to Digital Signatures

Want to learn more about digital Signing and how it can help your business efficiency and improve your client experience? Access our free guide to digital signing here!

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature which uses computer technology to create a unique ‘virtual’ fingerprint to identify users and protect information.  (An electronic signature is a more generic term to represent a digitised signature to verify a document.)

What documents does FuseSign Support?

FuseSign supports PDF files.

How do you verify identity if there's no username and passwords?

FuseSign uses two factor verification, using email and SMS to verify recipients and signers. They receive a unique link via email, and then are required to enter a code sent via SMS before they are able to complete the signing process. 

Where is the data stored?

FuseSign uses servers with data centres and all data stored in Australia.

Does FuseSign integrate with other systems?

FuseSign very much looks forward to building out its list of integration partners! Please let us know what you’d like us to integrate with by going to our integrations page here.

How do recipients sign documents with FuseSign?

With FuseSign, you don’t have to spend the time setting up individual signing placements as the user signs the entire document at once. Each document signed with FuseSign is securely monitored and tracked with audit tracking and the digital signature log is appended to the final signed document.