Welcome to FuseSign

Here’s some information to get you started.

Getting Started With FuseSign!

Thank you so much for subscribing to FuseSign. We are so excited to have you use FuseSign to make digital signatures really simple!

We have designed FuseSign to be really simple to setup and customise to suit your firm and needs, and completely self-service. 

To get you started, here are some quick links and what we suggest you do first. Some of these you may have already completed within your trial period!   

1. Users

  • FuseSign offers unlimited users, so your whole team can be using it with no additional cost! Learn how to add users to your account
  • Nominate a FuseSign champion to be the go-to person in your team through the user options. The champion is essentially the gateway to our support and your internal first point of call.

2. Configuration

FuseSign can be set up simply so that anyone in the business can experience FuseSign in the same way with consistent branding, messaging and management of your account. Go to Firm Wide Configuration Settings (including branding & document management) to learn more.

3. Training

Training your team – Follow this quick help article to see how easy it is to send a bundle via FuseSign How to Send a FuseSign Bundle. Also watch the video below for some extra getting started tips on setting up your account.

4. Client education

Educate your clients using our resources available on our resources page. 

5. FuseDocs

If you’re a FuseDocs client, reach out to us to see how we can configure FuseDocs to integrate with FuseSign!

See all of our FuseSign help articles here – a great place to go if you’re not sure about something!

For any additional support, please email the help desk at support@fuse.work

Watch Our Quick Getting Started Video!

This video will give you a really quick run down of how to get started and start sending documents for signing with FuseSign! 

Need some extra help with implementing?

We have designed FuseSign to give you the tools to customise it yourselves, however, if you’re looking for some personal guidance and assistance in implementing FuseSign, we offer an implementation package where you will have a dedicated consultant to help ensure you optimise the platform to best suit your needs, and have everyone trained with how to use it. This package includes assistance over a 4 week period and includes:

  • Helping navigate and configure your firmwide settings such as:
    • Your brand settings
    • Your email templates
    • Other customisation options available
  • Up to two live Zoom training sessions (1 hour each) with you and your team members where you can ask and have your questions answered (with a recording of the session provided afterwards for reference)
  • Guiding through client data imports
  • General support & guidance available over phone and email with your consultant.

This package is optional and a once-off fee of $500 +GST. If you’d like to proceed with this onboarding package please email gabriella@fuse.work or call +61 7 3233 6440